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RE: Your thinking

RE: Your thinking is crcoert on windows, and electrical, but I'd add roofing to that list too since it's isn't cheap and generally isn't the kind of home improvement project anyone ever wants to (or should) take on. As for insulation, I wouldn't worry about that TOO much Unless you're going with some alternative to fiberglass, it's actually relatively cheap. My first house didn't have an insulated crawl and I put in about 800 square feet of paper faced R32 for ~$300. And I'm pretty sure you can still deduct that from the energy efficiency tax credit, so you'd get 1/3 or so back. Also, there are services that can do exterior wall spray in and attic spray in pretty affordably. And basements are awesome. Especially during hot summers :)RE: I have a very understanding wife, though I've learned that she always needs at least ONE bathroom working :D Rate this comment: 0 0
posted by:anonymous on 11/22/2015 8:24:21 PM
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